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Your Donations Help Us Do the Lord's Work

The Agape Baptist Church (ABC) is working to make a social impact on the community of Newark NJ and beyond. There are many low-income families who are in need of hope and services.  We are here to help them through tough times and to help them get back on their feet.  Your donations enable us to be helpers to our brothers and sisters in need.


Your contributions will help us help others in some very specific ways:


  1. We need to purchase or receive a donated van to pickup the homeles and ex-offenders to drive them to shelters and receive various social service services. We would also need a van to pickup people who desire to attend worship services with Agape.                Please click on this link to receive more information about our Vehicle Donation Program. It may come up as "Agape ChristianMinistries Worship Center").                                                                      

  2. With your donations, we will purchase and receive coats, clothes and shoes and sponsor clothes drives.

  3. Your financial assistance will make it possible for us to run the House of Agape Family Program. This program is a one year program designed for families in which they can receive support in regards to housing, employment, mentorship, and other various services for their commitment to volunteerism with ABC and C.J.C.D.C. 

  4. Your monetary gifts will boost our Evangelism/Outreach/Missions movement and enable us to reach 10,000 residents with community support services for the residents of Newark, NJ by 2019.

  5. We will also use your donations to increase the membership (discipleship) of ABC by 100% through Community Outreach, Servant Evangelism, Membership Drive, Assimilation, and Spiritual Development. We need committed members to help us spread the help to the community. The more members we have, the more good we can do!

  6. Your donations will provide seed money for our fundraising committee to organize financially sound fundraising events that will generate additional funds for helping the people.

  7. We also want to develop a Re-Entry program for former inmates, purchase a mixed-use building, develop two to three community partnerships per year that are aligned with ABC’s Vision/Mission Statement and strategic plan and get the word out of the ideas that ABC is working on so that we will be able to help more people.