Highlights of the Agape Baptist Church (ABC)
for the 2016 Operational Year


  • “Agape” along with several churches in the West Ward of Newark, NJ hosted a community outreach service. On this day, many people were saved, received food, and was able to connect with many social service opportunities.

  • On June 26, 2016, “Agape” hosted its 2nd Annual Women’s Day program. Lady J was the chairwoman for the day.

  • From July 11th – July 14th “Agape” along with the P2 Missions of NJNet/NAMB/SBC hosted Vacation Bible School at New Hope Community Village. A great time was held by all. On July 14th VBS was culminated by the kids singing, several activities that were held on the outside, Pastor J giving a sermonette and offering prayer, taking surveys, and music/dancing.

  • On October 16, 2016, “Agape” celebrated their 2nd  Church Anniversary Service. 

  • On October 30, 2016, “Agape” celebrated Pastor J for Pastoral Appreciation month.
    There were many who supported the occasion by sending letters of congratulation and resolutions. They include:
    * The Mayor ‘s Office of Newark, NJ                                                                              * And many family and friends were in attendance of this service.

  • In November 2016, “Agape” was able to bless more than 5 families with Thanksgiving baskets and bless another family with food from the food pantry. 

  • On December 21, 2016, "Agape" was able to host an Angel Tree Party.  We were able to provide various gifts to the children on behalf of their parents and we served dinner to the families. Pastor J gave an interactive message of the true meaning of Christmas for the children and their families. 


  • Through our Evangelism/Outreach/Missions movement we are targeting to reach 10,000 residents with community support services for the residents of Newark, NJ by 2019. The population includes:

   a) Young Adult Families (Young Adult ages 16-40) with school-age children        (children Ages birth to 17)

   b) Single mothers (Single mothers ages 16-40) with school-age children                (children ages from birth to 17)

   c) Senior Citizens

   d) Income Ranges from $10,000 to $35,000

   e) Demographics - African-American and Hispanics

   f) Education - No High School Diploma, High School Diploma, and Bachelor's Degree

  • Increase the membership (discipleship) Agape Baptist Church by 100% through Community Outreach, Servant Evangelism, Membership Drive, Assimilation, and Spiritual Development.

  • Develop 20 ministry leaders and more for “Agape” and “CJCDC.”

  • Develop 20 ministry programs and more that are aligned with Agape’s Vision/Mission Statement and strategic plan.

  • Develop a ministry leadership internship program for future church planters, pastors, evangelism/missions team leaders, and other ministry leaders.

  • To develop a fundraising committee to organize financially sound fundraising events that are aligned with the Vision and Mission Statement of Agape Baptist Church..

  • Develop a Re-Entry program for former inmates.

  • To purchase a mixed-use building.

  • To purchase a commercial van.

  • To develop two to three community partnerships per year that are aligned with Agape's Vision/Mission Statement and strategic plan.


 * The strategic plan will be closely monitored by the Pastor, Board of Directors, and the Community Partners of Agape Baptist Church each quarter to ensure that the Agape Baptist Church is progressing working to complete each goal.


For more information in regards to CJ Community Development Center, Inc. please visit www.cj-cdc.org.