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What's Going On Everyone!!!

This month represents another exciting time at “AGAPE” because we are getting to know the community and the community is getting to know us. I am EXCITED to see you and pray that something is said and done that will encourage you to come back and invite someone to come with you.

Happy Resurrection Day!!! I’m so excited because last month we were celebrating “Stewardship Emphasis Month” and now we are celebrating Christ’s Victory over death. Some of us in here have our own victory celebrations. Some of us are celebrating victory over an abusive relationship. Some of are celebrating a victory over a disease. Some of us are celebrating a victory over debt. Some of us are celebrating a victory in our families. Whatever you are celebrating always be mindful that it was God that gave you the strength to keep going even when you didn’t feel as though he was there.

God has developed a testimony in you for you to share with the world. Never allow anyone to tell you that you are not good enough to do something. Philippians 4:13 says, “That I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me.” In other words as long as you have breath in your body the sky is the limit.

Jesus died a physical death, but not a spiritual death. Saints don’t allow your hopes and dreams for yourself or family to die. Jesus didn’t die a physical death in vain and you shouldn’t either. Define your purpose in God and live for him. If you don’t have a relationship with God get to know him. If you don’t have a church home allow “Agape” to be your church home. We will love you to life and work with you so that you can be all that GOD has designed you to be.

I love this ministry not because I am the Pastor but because this ministry has some of the best LOVE & GOD-FEARING people I know. We help one another sometimes without notice. We want to celebrate with you with what God is doing in your life. We want you to use your gifts to build the body of Christ. God loves you and wants to celebrate with you in Heaven. Why not give him your life today?

Don’t allow past church hurts or doubt to set in to deny you of your happiness. My brothers and my sisters are you happy where your life is heading? Do you desire to seek more? Jesus died so that you and I could have more. A more intimate relationship with God and the right to allow us to acknowledge God as our Father.

In all things I want you to know that I love and desire to help you in anyway possible. Be encouraged and know that better days are coming for those who believe.

Be Blessed in Love!!!

Pastor J.


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