In The Mix With Pastor J

In The Mix

WHAT’S GOING ON EVERYONE!!! This month represents another exciting time at “AGAPE” because we are getting to know the community and the community is getting to know us. I am EXCITED to see you and pray that something is said and done that will encourage you to come back and invite someone to come with you.

On Sunday, May 10, 2015 we will celebrate Mother’s Day. I’m so privilege to have my mother still in the land of the living. After all that she has done for me and is continuing to do for me, I thank God for her because without God keeping her alive I don’t know where I would be. Happy Mother’s Day to my wife because she is the one that keeps the engine going in our house. She is a GREAT mother and does things for the family that’s not in my DNA. J I thank God for all of the mothers who are real parents and refuse to lose their children to the streets. May God continue to give you the strength, grace and patience to deal with the children of this generation. We thank God and honor the mothers that God has called home to glory. They ran the race and kept the faith so that future generations will be blessed by their works. To all of the future mothers, I advise you to get with some seasoned God-fearing mothers and learn from them because you are going to need every bit of wisdom on how to rear a child. I’m a little old school and I don’t believe that mothers should be their child’s friend because I don’t see it in the bible. See friends can come and go, but a mother’s love never departs. A true mother will go out of her way to make sure her household is kept in order. There is nothing wrong with having an outing with your child, laughing, sharing stories, or just spending time together with your child and a matter of fact I encourage that. It’s just a sad reality in some of our communities due to the lack of unhealthy relationships that our mothers have to endure they suffer from being overburden and take their frustration out on their kids. I work in the school system and see many good mothers who are trying their best to provide for their kids and it seems as though their efforts are not validated. I just want to encourage any mother who may feel as though their best is not enough to keep striving towards excellence for yourself first and your kids next. You are the best example for your kids to follow. If your kids see you cursing, they will curse, but if they see doing good works and involving them, they will carry on that legacy. So I ask you today mothers what type of legacy or inheritance do you want to leave for your kids?


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