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WHAT’S GOING ON EVERYONE!!! This month represents another exciting time at “AGAPE” because we are getting to know the community and the community is getting to know us. I am EXCITED to see you and pray that something is said and done that will encourage you to come back and invite someone to come with you.

WELCOME BACK!!! WELCOME BACK!!! WELLLLCOMME BACK!!!! Hello Disciples & Friends of Agape Baptist Church (ABC). I missed you all during the month of July and I am so glad to see each and everyone of you. Even though we were on a sabbatical at the church, ministry was still taking place. My family and I had a chance to meet some new friends through our Vacation Bible School at Georgia King Village as well as new friends we met in our travels. I am proud to say that we made Georgia King Village our extended family and we look forward to bringing the Gospel there as well as participating in other ministry opportunities.

During this month’s sermon series I will challenge every disciple of ABC and ask, “Are You Committed or Involved?” During this series you will be able to answer this question internally and find out if you are truly committed to God, to “Agape” (ABC), to Jesus, and the Community. You will discover the difference in being committed to a task verses being involved in a task. Please invite someone to hear these messages as they make a significant positive impact on their and life.

God has definitely blessed “Agape” and I am more determined than ever to complete God’s Will. The House of Hagar Ministry has begun. This ministry supports single mothers in their personal goals and goals for their children while developing a closer relationship with God. The Youth Choir has begun. Mid-Week Power Service is about to have a new home to reach others. A Cell Group Ministry is going to begin. This ministry is geared for small Christian groups. This ministry group will serve as encouragement and a gateway for people to develop a closer relationship with God.

There is so much work to be done and we have a LONG WAY to go. I am looking for more Disciples of Agape to take part especially in regards to our Nursing Home Ministry, Men’s Ministry and Young Adult Ministry. So my brothers and sisters, I ask “Are You Committed or Involved?”



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