How to Join the Agape Baptist Church Family


Are you happy?  Are you fulfilling your life’s purpose? Do you believe it’s more to life than what you are doing now? It comes to point in life when you have to say enough is enough. Maybe you have said to yourself, “I’m tired of searching for happiness in places where happiness isn’t there.”  “I’m tired of doing things of the world to give me joy when that joy is temporary.”


Well the bible let’s us know that the “Joy of the Lord is Your Strength.”  The bible also lets us know that in John 3:16, that God loves us so much that he allowed his son Jesus to die for us.  Anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Savior will have eternal life.   Romans 10:9-10 reminds us that if we confess with our mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord we shall be Saved.


My brother and my sister, if you are searching for love and a purpose in your life why not give your life to Christ today? If this is you please recite the Salvation Prayer and give us your information and someone will be in contact with you soon.


Salvation Prayer

Jesus, I believe that you died for me and I believe that you set me free. Jesus, I love you because you first loved me. Jesus, I accept you as my Lord and Savior for the rest of my life. AMEN!!!

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Next Steps
  • Attend a Worship Service.                                

(Sunday Worship Experience @ 12:30pm 


  • Meet with a member of the connection team after service.


  • Attend six New Disciples of Christ Classes.                                                                     (If you have not been baptized, we will setup a time and date for you to baptize and explain what baptism means)


  • Receive the Right Hand of Fellowship.                                                      
    (Upon completion of the New Disciples of Christ classes and receiving the Right Hand of Fellowship, we will extend to you a Certificate as a Disciple of the Agape Baptist Church)


  • Become active in a ministry activity.


We hope and pray to see you soon.


Be Blessed In Love,

Rev. Dr. Craig R. Jackson